13 Great Presents for Future Law Students

13 Great Presents for Future Law Students

It’s that time of year: law schools across the country are sending acceptance letters. Here is a list of 13 presents for future law students. Pre-law students: send this list to your parents, significant others, etc 😉

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Kindle Scribe: So your Law Student can Read, Write, and Journal in the same place

Like your future law student, the Kindle Scribe does it all, including offering the option to read, write, journal, and draw.

Women Belong in all Places Where Decisions are Being Made

Because, like the key chain says, “Women belong in all places where decisions are being made.”

Self-Care Reflection Journal: a Great Present for Future Law Students

No one thinks law school is easy. Help your future law student remember the importance of self-care with this beautiful journal.

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“Trust Me I’m Almost a Lawyer”

This super cute “Trust Me I’m Almost a Lawyer” mug is sure to make your soon-to-be attorney smile.

“I Dissent” Card Game

Your future lawyer can have a little fun while honing her debate skills with this RBG-inspired game. Even better: a portion of the proceeds are donated to the American Civil Liberties Union.

A Funny Present for Future Law Students: Will Work for Wine

Because who wouldn’t? I love this rose-gold tumbler that says it all and is sure to keep the free legal advice coming… as long as the wine is flowing!

Hold Up: I need to Charge my Phone

This backpack with a built-in charging station is really cool because technology is so important in law school. Make their life easy with this awesome gift.

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For the Health Conscious Pre-Law Student

Law students care about their health because they want to be at the top of their game. Help them remember the importance of self-care with this fruit-infused water bottle.

Leather Laptop Bag and Briefcase

Truth: your future lawyer likely won’t use this as a “briefcase”. However, this is a really sharp and professional laptop carrier and will come in handy throughout law school.

“I’ll Candle the Case”

This funny candle is sure to brighten your law student’s day. Plus it’s scented with lavender essential oils to help ease stress.

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Looking for a Present for Future Law Students to give them a leg up? Consider Getting to Maybe

Give your law student a leg up with this widely read book that teaches students how to answer law school exam essay questions.

Your Argument is Irrelephant

If your law student likes puns, this funny tumbler is sure to make their day.

2023-2024 Planner: A Present for Future Law Students to Help Them Stay Organized

Help your law student continue to plan her future, set goals, and stay organized with this beautiful 2022 planner.

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