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Ultimate List of Law Student Essentials

Whether you are a future law student shopping for yourself, a loved one seeking the best presents for your law student, or merely wondering “what do law students need,” this list of law student essentials has you covered!

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The Essential Law School Starter Pack

Every Law Student Needs a Reliable Printer

This Canon Wireless Printer is super affordable and, more importantly, reliable. This is the printer I use in my personal office, and I love not having to worry or fuss over the printer when I need a document quickly!

Law Student Must Have: Printing Paper

Law students print… a lot, especially when it comes time to study for and take finals. Stock up on printer paper now, and you’ll be glad to not have to worry about it come finals time.

Law Student Must Have: AirPods Pro Noise Canceling Headphones

When you want–or need–to tune out the world… because you have a ton of studying. These wireless headphones are noise-canceling, but they also have a transparency mode for times you need to be more alert.

Looking for something easier on the pocketbook? Check these out!

The Best Book Stand for Law School

Law school is tough on your posture. Give your back a break with this eye-level wooden book stand.

Or check out this portable book stand.

Best Selling Standing Desk Converter

No home office is complete without a standing desk converter. You’ll thank me during your next all-nighter.

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Law Student Essentials: Things Law Students Need

Law Student Must Have: Death Wish Coffee

For those long nights studying. Death Wish describes itself as the “world’s strongest coffee”. Need I say more?

Every law student needs a Wireless Phone Charger

I absolutely love this wireless charger because it makes life so much easier, and it’s affordable and portable.

Logitech Wireless Mouse: A Great Gift for Law Students

A wireless mouse is an absolute law student essential! This mouse is actually a gaming mouse, but I use it every day… and I don’t game. You’ll love it.

But if you are looking for something portable, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Logitech Wireless Charging Mouse Pad: a Law School Essential

…And I also use this charging mouse pad every day. It’s a bit of an investment, but it’s worth it to always have a wireless mouse ready to go and never have to worry about batteries or charging it.

Every Law Student Needs a Cork board

I have this in my home office too, and I love it! Having a quality cork board is so helpful, especially when it comes to remembering important things and hanging fun memories to brighten your day. Because every law student needs some fun in their life!

Law Student Essentials: Apartment

Law Student Must Have: Casper Sleep Pillow

Sleep is essential for law school success, and I swear by my Casper Sleep Pillow. It’s particularly great if you are prone to stiff necks and don’t like a pillow that’s too firm. Either way, a great pillow is a solid investment for law school!

Levoit Air Purifier: One of the Many Things Law Students Need

Breathe easy with this Levoit Air Purifier for your new apartment. Especially if you are in a big city, this will give you one less thing to worry about, so you can focus more energy on studying and less on creating a healthy environment

Law Student Starter Pack: Nespresso Espresso and Coffee Machine

This Nespresso Espresso and Coffee Machine does it all. No more long lines at Starbucks and expensive coffee bills, unless you want to treat yourself.

LED Desk Lamp with Clamp

If you don’t already have one, law school is the time to invest in a high-quality desk lamp. Your eyes will thank you for it!

Things Law Students Need to be Healthy: Lodge Pre-seasons skillet

For those nights when you want a quick home-cooked meal, this cast iron skillet is a great addition to any law school apartment.

More Present for Future Law Students

Law Student Must Have: Lap Desk with built-in mouse pad and phone holder

Every law student needs a lap desk because law students study at their desk… on the couch… in their bed. Let’s face it, law students study everywhere.

Things Law Students Need to be Healthy: Egg Bit Maker

The life of a law student is hectic, and it’s vital that law students take care of themselves so they can perform at the top of their game. This Egg Bit Maker is a quick and easy way for law students to get the nutrients they need. Make egg bites, sandwiches, and more. Even better, you can freeze them for later!

Law School Essentials: Gel Enhanced, Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Yes, law school requires a lot of sitting. Sitting to read, sitting to study, sitting to write. You get this picture.

This memory foam seat cushion will make all that sitting so much easier! No one said law school is easy, and it certainly isn’t easy on your posture.

Instant Pot to Keep your Favorite Law Student Eating Healthy

On top of everything else law students have on their plates, worrying about what to eat can be stressful. An Instant Pot is a great way to help your law student eat healthily.

Law Student Starter Pack: Temperature Controlled Smart Mug

If you’re detecting a theme here, you’re onto something. Law students like–no need–caffeine. Keep them fully caffeinated and warm with this temperature-controlled smart mug.

Law Student Essentials: Books Every Law Student Should Read

Law Student Must Have: Getting to Maybe

If you read my blog, you know I write a lot about Getting to Maybe. That’s because I like to joke that this book saved my 1L life. As a first-generation professional and lawyer, I had no idea how to write a law school exam. And I’m so glad someone turned me on to this resource. It might not have actually saved my life, but it sure did save my GPA!

And this is at the very top of my list of best books for prelaw students. Future law students check out Getting to Maybe, so you can spend your summer doing very light pre-1L summer prep and relaxing!

Law Student Essential: Read for Fun

Yes. My list of books every law student should read is noticeably short. That’s because I think the most important thing you can do in law school is to develop healthy outlets. One of my healthy outlets was reading for pleasure, which I did every night before bed to help me fall asleep. If you are like, then you’ll love a Kindle!

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