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Forgotten Cove (Coming Soon — Fall 2023)

Image of a creepy cove covered in a green smoke, with yellow lettering that reads "Forgotten Cove," which is the first book in the Hailing Cove Series.

Book 1 of the Hailing Cove Series

Elle Wildes was a normal teenage girl. Or at least she thought she was until her mother sent her to her grandma’s house in Hailing Cove. Anticipating a boring summer, Elle’s world is turned upside down when she realizes the sleepy coastal town holds its own mysteries and those from her past as well.

When Elle’s forgotten memories come back to haunt her, she discovers the secrets of her family’s lineage and the responsibilities that come with it. but with two dreamy guys vying for her affection, she is taken on a roller coaster ride of heartache and terror as she tries to navigate her new identity in an unknown world of magic and betrayal.

Genre: Fantasy & Young Adult Novel

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