The Complete Guide to On-Campus Interview

The Complete Guide to On-Campus Interviews tells readers everything they need to succeed in OCI. Focused on law students interviewing for BigLaw jobs, this book features:

  • Information about every step in the OCI process, from getting the interview to navigating the offer!
  • Pages and pages of on-campus interview and callback interview questions!
  • An entire chapter dedicated to OCI frequently asked questions!
  • Information from the On-Campus Interview Success Series, including how to answer the most common interview questions and how to research a law firm!
This is a must-read for any law student who …

TG Elsher’s series, On-Campus Interview Success, is designed to be read by first- and second-year students preparing for or participating in on-campus interviews (“OCI”). The series is an ongoing project that will be released by topic/chapter to make each chapter easily accessible and affordable to law students who can pick and choose the sections they want to read.

The On-Campus Interview Success Series covers all facets of the law school on-campus interview process and is authored by an experienced attorney who obtained a position through on-campus interviews and, after gaining experience in business law, went on to direct a large on-campus interview program for a top 100 law school.

Landing the Big Law Firm Job: Chapter One


Landing the Big Law Firm Job: How to Demonstrate the Number One Quality Law Firms seek During On-Campus Interviews covers the most important interview question…

Landing the Big Law Firm Job: Chapter Two


Landing the Big Law Firm Job: How to Answer the most Common On-Campus Interview Questions highlights the most common on-campus interview (“OCI”) questions…

Landing the Big Law Firm Job: Chapter Three


Landing the Big Law Firm Job: Conducting Effective Research to Prepare for On-Campus Interviews teaches law students how to efficiently research a firm in…